New Material as New Media: The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Published on the occasion of the Fabric Workshop and Museum’s twenty-fifth anniversary, this catalogue presents some of the most significant projects created at the institution.

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The catalogue was designed as a three-dimensional object. Every surface was treated to transform it from an everyday book into an object. Instead of reproducing an artwork on the cover, a lustrous bookbinding cloth that was available in vibrant colors was used. The front cover, back cover, and spine were each wrapped in a different colored cloth. Three different covers were designed, so nine colors were used. To use three different fabrics per book, a special binding was devised. The spine, front cover, and back cover were all wrapped separately then assembled. The only place type appears is on the spine. For the trade edition, a clear acetate jacket was designed; the front of the jacket was printed with silver type so the reader can see the colors of the cover through it. Before the book was bound, the edges of the pages were gilded in silver leaf.