February 11, 2013

Clinton Darlington Swingle (May 15, 1928–January 27, 2013)


Clinton Darlington Swingle (May 15, 1928–January 27, 2013)

Clinton Darlington Swingle

Left: Photograph taken on December 12, 2008 by Eugene Mopsik; Center: Clint and Kippy building their stone home, barn and nature preserve in Elverson, Pennsylvania; Right: Clint and FC-CFC Miss Scarlet, National Amateur Finalists 2001. 2nd Open High Point bitch of all time!

Clinton Darlington Swingle (May 15, 1928 - January 27, 2013) had the monumental task of purchasing, preserving, and beautifully restoring the historic (c. 1896) 8-story façade of The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM) at 1214 Arch Street in Philadelphia, formerly National Flag & Banner Co., while modernizing and completely renovating the interior into modern contemporary galleries; artist studios; printing, sewing, video & photography labs, to name a few; a floor of archival storage; video lounge; and educational facilities to meet the new International Building Code.

Clint Swingle coordinated all contractors and L&I inspectors for FWM, while making every effort to train staff on the importance of fire safety & drills, museum security, climate control, and maintaining a orderly workspace. Clint had the contents of the Museum’s basement “lined up like soldiers,” according to our Museum Shop Director Tracey Blackman; one city inspector said FWM had the cleanest basement of all the businesses in Center City!!! Additionally, Clint was integrally involved with many complex Artist-in-Residence installations in the new building, including the memorable Cai Guo Qiang’s spectacular 2009 explosion event on the Museum’s 8th floor Time Scroll, which he even got the fire inspector to attend and approve the event! On Saturday, February 2, 2013, the Brooklyn-based, modern percussion ensemble So- Percussion’s last piece, Clapping Music by Steve Reich, was performed at FWM in Clint Swingle’s honor. 

In lieu of flowers and notes, individuals may make a donation to The Fabric Workshop and Museum in memory of Clint Swingle to fund the building operations. Please call 215.561.8888 for more information.   

Tracey Blackman, the Art Museum Sales Shop Director

Stephanie Alison Greene, Head of Exhibitions & Publications