Nicolas Lobo, Grape syrup action for Paul Octavian Nasca
Nicolas Lobo, Grape syrup action for Paul Octavian Nasca's "U smile 800% slower", 2011. Digital Video, Duration: 14 minutes, 37 seconds.

Liquid Matter

May 6, 2011–Spring 2011

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 6, 2011 6–8 pm

Curated by Ibett Yanez and Carlos Rigau in collaboration with the de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space
  • Loriel Beltran
  • Naomi Fisher
  • Christy Gast
  • Nicolas Lobo
  • Justin Long
  • Martin Murphy
  • Jeroen Nelemans
  • Shawn Powell
  • Cristina Lei Rodriguez
  • Viking Funeral
  • Bryan Zanisnik


About the de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space

On December 2009 Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz opened a new space in Miami's Design District to showcase their personal collection of international contemporary art. The three story 30,000 square foot structure serves as an extension to their home, which has been available for public viewing for the past twenty-five years.

Besides showcasing the collection, the de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space serves as a platform for special performances and projects.

As an initiative to support the local art scene, artists are invited to propose ideas for site-specific installations that are exhibited throughout the year. Artists are encouraged to create works based on art as a temporary experience and establish an open platform using non-traditional art practices. In order to serve the local schools a series of workshops and classes were established in collaboration with Dade County Public Schools. These programs are intended to give our local students an opportunity to learn about different approaches to the creation and presentation of contemporary art. Students are encouraged to visit the space and library throughout the year and apply for internship positions.

A series of lectures and programs concentrate on creating public awareness of art history and contemporary art practices. As of June 2010, the de la Cruz collection started a residency program collaborating for the first year with the SculptureCenter, New York. Artists are invited to stay in Miami for a period of four to six weeks. The residency is an opportunity to connect with the diverse and active local community and to explore the history, culture and natural resources of South Florida.

The de la Cruz Collection is open throughout the year, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Visiting the collection, programs, lectures and access to the library is open to the public at no cost.